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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Who are you on the western shore of the Hudson bay? I see your little lone dot, so far above the others on my blog map. It is cold here in Korea, but is suspect it is much colder where you are. There is a guy named M. in my office. He is a good guy. A boxer. Maxed out his credit card buying film Noir movies and he lent me every last one. I have trouble keeping them all straight. There are a lot of shadows. M. is from Canada. That is what I am trying to say. We can all be friends here. Come a little closer.

Monday, January 30, 2006


a review of Tom Clark’s Threnody

Legitimate Dangers : American Poets of the New Century

They would have asked me to be in it if only I had a book.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

one time in Jr high#2

One time in Jr High, I wrote a story called Elena the Enormous Elephant, and read it in class. There was a girl in the class named Elena. She was not enormous. She was very pretty. I liked her very much.

One time in Jr high #1

One time in Jr High, while the whole class was in the library reading - silently, I farted really really loud.


Matthew Henriksen of Typo and Burning Chair fame has started a new print magazine.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

all you starving poets in the states, here is a way to make some money

Education is important. Might not be worth this much though.

Friday, January 27, 2006

work translated into korean

Yesterday a woman in my class told me about a book of love poems her company published. Said it sold 50,000 copies in Korea. I asked her if poetry sold well in Korea, and she told me that it did. Asked her who was in the book, and the first name was Mary Oliver (there were plenty of Korean authors too, but they came so quick, I dint recognize any). Was I expecting Ted Berrigan, Matt Hart, Anne Boyer? Course not. But, just hearing that creeped me out. 50,000 koreans thinking that is what poetry in the states is about. Wish she had said it hadn’t sold so well.

By the way, this is a low low level class, so it is difficult to get much information out of the students. Wish her english was better or that my Korean was much much better, would love to have a chat. Give some exposure to different writers. Maybe I should give her a copy of the bed side guide and see if she can show it to someone. Get it translated into Korean.

think I'll do it on Thursday when the students get back from vacation

New From Effing

Tom Clark’s book is out from Effing. Ordered mine today.

Where have you gone?

This is interesting. 5:15p my time, and it seems that Octopus has had too many hits this month.

From Dot easy:
This website is currently unavailable due to exceeded monthly traffic quota. Please visit again later

Does that mean it will be down for a few days?

Why I hate your poetry #1

Why I hate your poetry #1

You break your lines on punctuation (over and over and over again):

example of this in action:

What scene would I want to be enveloped in
more than this one,
an ordinary night at the kitchen table,
floral wallpaper pressing in,
white cabinets full of glass,
the telephone silent,
a pen tilted back in my hand?

frm the first stanza of Billy Collins
I Ask You

Thursday, January 26, 2006


watching the wheels: a blackbird

Is up and running. Dylan brought together some old folks and some new folks and showed us, and the magazine, at different stages along the way.

I have three poems in there.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It is cold outside

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This is where i keep my no tell

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

What do the people of Harvard think about the school?

a bit of fun at the expense of Harvard.

Mexico to win it all

Don’t want to sound like I am not excited about this tournament. Just that over the month my excitement level has steadily gone down. There is a necessary but ugly pitch count on pitchers. There is a DH. Too many good players are not going to come. The players that do will be in Spring Training shape. Think the team that cares the most, hustles the most, will win this thing. Don’t think that team will be the USA. Maybe I have these players read wrong, but I don’t expect much heart. Hard not to pick the Dominican, but it is easy not to root for them. Go Mexico.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Treasury Department Approves Cuba for World Baseball Event

Thank Ruth. Now the USA and most of the other countries in this silly tourney can shove it up the red arse. Go Cuba. Would make the second round. the second playing much more fun. wish the cccp was still around.

This is so right 1.20.2006

Your task is to translate some essential meaning in the poem entirely detachable from its language, not to bother yourself with the actual poetic devices that the poet used.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


If you haven't been listening. more music from Pirooz

Something to try on for size

I love Chapbooks. Fingers on paper instead of plastic. Feeling where other fingers have been. Like that they are small and fragile and each one very owned. I like that when buying chapbooks we are do a secret handshake. I like being part of loosely unorganized clubs.

So I have been thinking about chaps. bounced over to coconut and looked at theirs. I am excited about this. Will go down to school and print up a few in the next couple of weeks. I want to go to the student union and pick out some nice construction paper for the covers. What colors should I get? If it is too thick will it jam the copier?

Enjoy yr Tuesday, mine was good.

Hot Whiskey

Hot Whiskey is now looking at book-length manuscripts of poetry, prose and translation for the first perfect bound Hot Whiskey publication. Manuscripts should be between 60 and 200 pages. Please contact us for more information.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Octopus #7

Octopus is up and it looks mighty fine.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dear folks at Action, do not eat any cookies you get from my mother

Wrote over at Zach’s blog that the way I deal with rejections (in all forms) is just to figure the person who rejected me was an idiot, an “it’s not me, it’s them” reaction. Ma Goar just wrote me an e-mail and she mentioned Action and idiots in the same sentence. To the kind folks at Action, let me tell you, I don't hate you, but my mother just might.

*Just to put an end to this, anyone who is an editor of a small press is a saint. They can do what they like, make decisions we hate, do just about anything and be right ok with me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Not sure if I am supposed to be showering yet, but I am. I smell good. not to worry.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

korean blog list

korean blog list

live football

The bathroom is mine again. Last thing the guy said was, “No” he said “no” and pointed at my shower head. Then he acted like he was washing his face and he pointed to the sink. So, I think the shower is out of commission. Problem is, I stink. didn’t shower yesterday and was going to before I went to bed, but the guys came and from what I can tell, the shower is a no go. When will it be working again? There is no way to know. In fact, I suspect it works now, and he was just angry at me for not letting him smoke in my house. It is cold outside.

Football on AFN. Love the military. Two Saturday night playoff games on Sunday morning. You’d have to get out of internet range for the world to feel strange anymore. Things now are very easy and the biggest difference between the US and Korea is the food (and language). Guess what I am saying is that you have to get further than this if you want to get into the dark continent.

Young-hae Chang

Young-hae Chang's work has me mesmerized. I am looking around to find more of what she is doing. click here to see another of her projects.


Just bouncing around blogs. waiting for my bathroom to be mine again. have eaten the beans i made. the hangover is less of a concern now. it is almost forgotten. found this site. great words and music. have read Dakota and nukorea.

destroying my bathroom. Why?

boiling some rice and beans. knock on the door. from what I can tell there is work that needs to be done in my bathroom. It is being done. hammers and noise. fixing pipes might take time. so, I am sitting at the computer with my headphones on listening to the slipshod swingers (Pirooz has the most distinct and beautiful voice. Ladies, don’t you want to hear some of his songs, first thing in the morning, dedicated to you?). Hangover is hurting. made friends last night and chased them away. remember showing off my belly. think I found some lint. that is not sexy. Before the girls left though, I did inform them that I was the best poet in the world. Wonder that they didn’t stay. later, I met a guy who spoke Russian but was not Russian. Not sure what it was all about, but he said he hated Russians, that they did not consider him a Russian and that they would kill him. My friendship with him didn’t last long. Got home in time to see a monk walking around banging his drum at 4a. Too much noise in this country. Bells rang at 5a and just for fun, and hopefully only for one day, again at 9:15a. Watch me suffer.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Can't get no action

This is the first round of book contests I have entered. Find myself acting the way I did a few yrs ago in regards to magazines. Back when I started trying to publish my work, I would focus on one magazine, fall in love with it, and just want to get published by them. Then, 6 months later, I’d receive a form letter that said they didn’t want my work. always really hurt. so I stopped doing that and started sending out to 20 or so journals at the same time, let them fall in love with me before I would fall in love with them. But, like I said, I reverted to that former person with Action Books. Really wanted them, and I was certain they would want me. Way way too certain. maybe this is a dose of humility. Didn’t even get to be a finalist. Ouch. Sure the book they are putting out will be great. Congrats to the finalists and winner. Shit, this book publishing thing might take awhile.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

In NC protecting the Fish

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at home in NC

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

THE house is still standing

Landed in Seoul. door to door was 26 hours. Took all my vitamins. Ready to get back into my Korean way of life. My floor is cold. waiting for the heat to kick in. What I got while I was gone: bills. A returned letter of application (something about a wrong address). Two copies of The American Drivel Review.

about the last.

Remember sending them stuff. wondered if I bought a copy. open the envelope and there are two. table of contents. my story. Nice surprise.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

to be the pool boy

Just got an e-mail from Reb. This is what it says:

Just a quick note to let you know that The Bedside Guide to No Tell
is available for purchase on Lulu for $12.99 -- please spread
the word.

You can read the introduction at the Lulu site. You can read my poem when you buy it. I hope it makes you swoon.


In other news, I fly back to Seoul tomorrow. Long trip, but bc I just did it, I am not so worried. teacher meeting the next day and classes start the day after. I am a working man. Wish I was the pool boy.