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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Apolo Anton Ohno did not win the 1,000, so stop hating.

I don’t really cheer for individuals in the Olympics. I just like to see greatness. Doesn’t really matter where you come from. Team sports, on the other hand, I do cheer for the colors.

So I’m sitting around today watching AFN. Getting fat and happy. Just digging on these folks who get no attention for four years and then become superstars, and then go away again. And they tell me the Short track is coming up.

Most of you aren’t in Korea, but if you are, ask some folks, ask them about short track, and up till today, Ohno’s name would have come out. They hate him here, and bc they hate him, there is kind of a strange feeling towards Americans when he comes up.

Four years ago in the World Cup, when Korea scored against the USA, the players did a mock speed skating dance. Short track really matters. Being a Korean really matters. Things get plenty heightened. Well, today Ohno came in third. Two Koreans beat him. Against my better judgment I really wanted Ohno to win. I wanted him to win just bc this country wanted so badly for him to lose.

In the end, my life will be better bc of it. And, in losing, I was impressed with Ohno and how gracious he was. Was also impressed that Ahn invited him up on the podium, so Ohno stood with two Koreans on the top step. Maybe now we can all be friends.


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