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Friday, March 31, 2006

april 4 post

the only reason i am posting this on the blog is so that i have a place to find it when i forget the name. I think this bar sounds like fun

The Democrats returned to Bangkok.

My dad worked out of the house.

when i was a kid I once answered his office phone. Sure that went over well. Now they have a contest.

Among the winner's reasons: "I have to yell "Phone!" really loud when the phone rings to make sure all TV's and radios get muted so I can answer it."

Thursday, March 30, 2006


flower, flower

what i want

a prayer before I go to sleep:

Oh god, please no blurbs. no good blurbs. no lame ass suck ass blurbs that make me want to puke. just shit that shows how good my book is, i.e., the poems in the book.

alive. back home. ready for what u got (4:27a)



Get your chap on

Octopus Magazine will be accepting
chapbook manuscripts of poetry from now
until April 30, 2006, for its 8th
issue, which will be a print issue
available in winter of 06-07.

Octopus #8 will be a collection of
eight separately bound chapbooks
presented together. All eight
will also be available individually
and eachchapbook will have a
print run of 250 copies.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

we are talking days

Whole Milk

Thanks to Stacy and Pirooz for the drawing

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Monday, March 27, 2006


How great is it to gain lbs over the weekend when all you do is drink beer and eat pizza and pork? Keep going like this and Daddy is gonna need some new pants.

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Our mission is so important I don't have time to enjoy the flowers when we spot them."

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Sometimes I look at poems and bc of the form just stop. Blocks of words with irregular spaces throw me. pages and pages without a space do not invite. If I cant first scan the poem and enjoy that scan, unless the poem has been recommended to me, most likely I will not finish the read and instead move onto something more easily (and I don’t mean the poem can not be difficult) devoured.


When I watched “Syriana”, there were echoes. I was watching “The African Queen” and realized from where those echoes came. a ship, in war, with two beat down people, rams a ship of the enemy. Everything goes boom. I know it does not line up perfectly, but there is something. Maybe I am just imagining it.

Trying to forget how to write a poem. Think it has finally happened. Typo took a few pieces that I wrote in the past month. Now I am playing with the piece below. They are all a major break from what was before. These have me laughing more. Seem to have space in the line breaks. Now that I don’t know what I am doing, I really don’t know what I am doing. This is kind of fun. Just throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if it will stick.

David Harris asked, on his blog, if work published there was published. I asked this awhile back (I don’t want to look for it, but it was near the beginnings of the blog), some folks answered. What is below, and other junk that I have been publishing here is, is just a new way for me to edit. The work looks very different here than on the word page. I like the new font and color. it gives me a distance. I also like the very real audience. You guys have probably been asleep, but if you have been checking in, you would have seen this thing get changed a good 10 times. It is not even done, so I don't see how it could be published.

for dinner

Pizza or Chicken?

Most important question all day.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


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volume two, number four Spring 2006

Two copies of The American Drivel Review were waiting for me at my door.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Whole Milk is at the printer

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dylan and the Davinci Code

Dig on this. Dylan is on a show that explores the Davinci Code. Follow the link to see what is up.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cry me a river

``We aimed to go to the semifinals and made it in the end. I'm satisfied. We've already won twice so I don't think we lost to Japan,'' Lee Seung-yeop of South Korea said. ``We did our best but I'm afraid there has been something not proper about the rules in the event, as long as we went 6-1 and still have to be eliminated.''

Korea signed up for this tournament (and played really really well for six games). If Japan had beaten them twice, and Korea had won this last game, I don't think you'd be hearing any of this garbage. Things were not perfect, but all you had to do was win. Suck it up. Stop this crying. Japan won when it counted. And yes, they did win. Get on with it. (and next time, if there is a chance you are going to have to play the team again, I'd suggest not planting the Korean flag on the mound after a win. Just bad form. These things come back to you.)

Bear Down Arizona

Cats Vs. Cats to get to the sweet 16. Game time 7a in korea. I’ll be watching.

Third time was not a charm.

``It is a pity to lose the game, but I highly recognize the national team’s efforts. It is also regretful that we could not gain a good result despite fine plays because we had to fight the Japanese team three times due to the U.S.’ abnormal game schedules,’’ Park Sung-soo, 31-year-old Seoul citizen, said.

Dear Mr. Park,

We did not envision it going down this way. However, despite what you hear around town, the Korean League agreed to the terms.

The tournament, sanctioned by the International BAseball Federation (IBAF), will be conducted jointly by MLB and the MLBPA in cooperation with Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), their respective players associations and other professional leagues from around the world.

How bout just saying, “Japan kicked our ass today and that really hurts.”

please take your complaints to the IBAF.

Yours truly,
The Rocket

Does anyone live in Boulder?

American Drivel Review is up to its filthy ways.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Noon on Saturday

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of chaps. If you have a pay pal set up on yr site, and you have a chap, let me know and I will get it.

But, the thing I enjoy most is getting a contributors copy of a mag I am in. I like waiting. hearing it is out. hearing people talking. knowing that mine will be in my hands about a week later. Tiny, where are you? I can’t wait to read you on the can.

watching the ncaa tournament on my computer
. This year it is free. Didn’t get to watch the University of Arizona game live, so now I am watching it on tape. Go Cats

S. at her b-day party

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my brother's bench at Gates Pass in Tucson Az

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look at all the girls on the bench

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only time all season when we will all be = ..... watch for the mango to rise

- Radials 0 0 3 -
- 23 0 0 15 -
- Manic Mailman 0 0 18 -
- Reilly Coffee Co. 0 0 16 -
- Warning Track Power 0 0 6 -
- Stuffy Muffin 0 0 9 -
- The Soulless Carnies 0 0 11 -
- one shot 0 0 14 -
- Portland Potshots 0 0 17 -
- Black Ice 0 0 19 -
- w/Malice Toward None 0 0 5 -
- Ann Arbor Martyrs 0 0 8 -
- The GW Carvers 0 0 2 -
- He Hates Mango 0 0 7 -
- Slaughterhouse Nine 0 0 10 -
- Sizzle Chests 0 0 12 -
- The High and Tight 0 0 13 -
- Park Bums 0 0 4 -

Thursday, March 16, 2006

come on, Blue! You're killing the dirt!

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On vacation for two and a half weeks. Have to start back sometime in early April. Will worry about that later. Watching the USA play Mexico. Do US teams no longer have heart? After watching that Korea game yesterday, seeing how bad all those guys wanted it, how bad the crowd wanted it, and now watching this, seems a bit lazy. Why isn’t Carlos Lee starting? Jones doesn’t hit right handed very well, so put A-rod at third and use both Lee and Teixeira.

Had to stop this post to watch the first base umpire, the same guy (Bob Davidson) that blew the call against Japan, blow another call. How can you miss a ball bouncing off the right field pole? This is the first time I have seen that sort of a call missed. Makes it look like the USA hired him. Taints a great tournament.

Back to the game.

Korea Advances to WBC Semifinals

The consequence is expected to work for more than just an honor, as Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung said Wednesday the ministry is actively considering a plan to exempt the players from compulsory military duty.

Before the tournament, the Korean Baseball Organization requested the ministry to give such a benefit to the players if they advance to the semifinals. If the plan is realized, about a third of the Korean team will benefit, including Major Leaguers like Choi Hee-seop of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Kim Sun-woo of the Colorado Rockies, Bong Jung-keun of the Cincinnati Reds.

Today is a good day in Korean JWG relations

Korea comes up big for the USA in world cups. First in Soccer, their play got the US into the second round, and now today, with a 2-1 win over Japan, they put the USA’s fate back into the hands of the US players.

USA vs. Mexico.
first pitch tomorrow at 9:30a Korea time

WBC update Korea 0 Japan 0 Bottom of 7

Note to Lee (3B on team Korea)

When you hit the ball, and you flip your bat, and you watch it like it is going to land in the 15th row in left field, the left fielder should not have to drift towards the infield to catch it.

Damn man, you hurt me. Korean announcers started shouting, I get that feeling in my stomach of something important happening, think that maybe, just maybe the USA still has a shot of advancing, and then I see the outfielder drifting in. What were you thinking?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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Effing #4.

editors David Hadbawnik / Farid Matuk

cover image Justin Ulmer

design Scott Pierce

contributors Walid Bitar / Susan Briante / Kris Bronstad / Tom Clark / Linh Dinh / Meagan Evans / Susan Gevirtz / Brooks Johnson / Kent Johnson / Kyle Kaufman/ Friedrich Kerksiek / Rodney Koeneke / Judith Kroll / Sara M Larsen / Evelyn Lauer / Elmo Lum / Pablo Miguel Martinez / Khaled Mattawa / Aaron James McNally / Eileen Myles / Andrew Neuendorf / Philip Pardi / Estella Ramirez / Elizabeth Robinson / C Vincent Samarco / Dale Smith / Michael Smoler / Roger Snell / Roberto Tejada / Stephanie Young

100 pages, thread-bound, $6.00.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

scary good

Had a great day yesterday. Good friends all around, then in the evening went out and met a beautiful and intelligent girl. Flawless English, can’t tell you how nice it is to talk without worrying about making things simple. But this is the highlight. We are getting a good drink on and the waiter comes up with a couple of basketballs. He talks to my friend. She asks me if I want to shoot and try to win a prize. I wasn’t too excited. Drinking. trying to impress. failure in basketball was not what I wanted her to see. But the longer I thought about it (2 seconds) the better the idea seemed, so I said ok. He took us into the hallway where a hoop was set up. He moved me all the way back to the wall. Beyond NBA 3 point range and told me to shoot. Missed the first. swished the next two, then rattled a third in. Dude, I was hot. I was impressive. I was an athlete for a moment, then we went back to drinking, but she had a better idea of who she was dealing with.

Monday, March 13, 2006


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Outside voices

Outside voices is making an anthology. I sent them some work (Don't know yet if they are going to use it). If you are interested, follow the link.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Natalie Portman: Gangsta Rap

Friday, March 10, 2006

word for / word #9

playing games with poetry

reminds me of the old atari games. Had a dream of Dig Dug during my nap

Thursday, March 09, 2006

things that are made

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poet smurf

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Wish Seth hadnt turned off his comments. This last post had me laughing but good.

AMD. 7:04p

well, the post is gone. Wish i had saved it. was good fun.

K. Silem Mohammad's Wallace Stevens

where my head is

Not that many people come to this blog. Kind of see it as my place to post pics and links that I can return to. Right now thoughts are on Flarf. Trying to learn.

Flarf in issue 30 of Jacket

Thomas Basbøll

Thomas Basbøll talks about flarf. Shows it in action.

What was (RIP)

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what ensued

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What is

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ezra Pound’s WWII radio talks

Thanks Tom Orange

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

up at 4:30

Watching the WBC at 5 in the morning. Dominican vs. Venezuela. The commentary is, of course, in Korean. Wish there was an SAP button.

(you choose yr article by the sound. vowel sound, “an”. consonant sound, “a”. When I wrote SAP I started off with an “a”. But that is wrong, should be “an”. FBI, same thing. An FBI agent. Strange that when you say a consonant, least in the above two, you get a vowel sound.)

Done Yoga now for 3 straight days and 5 of the last 6. the body feels better.

Watching this game makes it even more clear to me, if I could go to any sporting event, I’d go to the Caribbean World Series. Where would you go?

Monday, March 06, 2006

why not flarf?

I like flarf. It relinquishes the reins just a bit. It lets the poet know that this poem is not entirely hers. That there is chance, and in poetry, there is always chance, but flarf puts it out there, admits it from the beginning. Flarf allows the poet to deal with more important things than story telling because that story is, from the beginning, busted up. Flarf is funny and dead serious. Spicer said something about if you write a love poem you have to allow that your love’s ear might fall off.

I haven’t written any of my flarf yet, and it is my flarf, and when it comes it will be mine and I will have invented it. The idea of ownership or lineage in flarf seems to me to be the opposite of my flarf. This is for everyone. I am just glad it is out there.

when I see a poet claim that Flarf is not actual poetry, it makes me question that poet. I would imagine this same thing has been said at every step by people who don’t get what is new, or are frightened by what is new, or a bit of both. I see more of Silliman’s SOQ in this reaction than I have seen in most places.

"Those of you who write actual poetry will probably not be familiar with the term "flarf," and will undoubtedly not find it rewarding to be enlightened on the subject. "

Fuck, that is some stupid shit to say. Amazed that it came out of an otherwise, it would seem, intelligent person’s mouth. And what else came out, well, it seemed to me, a calling out of the Flarf practitioners and people who give (what a dumb ass thing to say) "cocaine-fuelled internet rants". And when they came, mostly Jimmy, there was this tone of well, here are the rabid dogs we warned you about

Thank you gatekeepers.

Zine World

"We offer free classified ads for DIY or counterculture projects (up to 50 words; limit one free ad per issue)."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Talk of Matt and Subday

Some more good love for Matt Langley. Shanna Compton talks about him at DIY

1 2 3 work!

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Why i smell

My washing machine works for 3 weeks straight, turns on whenever I push the button. Then, for reasons unknown, goes into deep sleep. It is in deep sleep. has been for over 36 hours. Like I said, this happens every so often, but each time, as the stinky clothes pile up, I wonder if it has given up the ghost.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Translations of Brazilian poetry.

I don’t know if I am going to Brazil or not. I hope I it works out and I am down there this time next year. Brazil sounds even better when there is snow on the ground in Seoul. Listened to some Portuguese language tapes, and in 1 week learned more Portuguese, could actually communicate my basic desires, than 2yrs in Korea and one semester of Korean study have allowed me Korean.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

face to face

Erased the last post bc now I have an account at Lucipo and can go over there and remedy outrages directly. Only problem with erasing the last post was errasing Anne Boyers comment. It is not so often that someone is said to have the same tendencies as John Wayne or John Wayne Gacy. I bet all three of us like yoga girls.

walkin down the street yesterday to get my pizza

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

back to the gym

Turned over a new leaf today. Got my head shaved, then went down to the gym. signed up. ran a bit more than a mile. did a few curls. then an hour of yoga. felt great to get back into yoga. Spring is coming and I want to be a sexy bitch.

oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I am the only guy in the class. Two hot yoga girls and JWG. no language, but when there is bending like that, silence and smiles are ok.

I was only watching for the form (I don't have the language) and they seemed very ok with that.

I will be back again tomorrow.

A 184-proof whisky

Dont know if this is good news

maybe not like it was, but still a lot more fun than seoul

Still plenty plenty to do in Bangkok. Was just there this past October. Though not as all night as it was 3 yrs ago, it still does not stop. First night there was taken to two all night discos. No problem. just need to look a bit harder.

Honey combs

Delia True talks to bears. Story over at the new goo.

thanks for the heads up, stacy.