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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cry me a river

``We aimed to go to the semifinals and made it in the end. I'm satisfied. We've already won twice so I don't think we lost to Japan,'' Lee Seung-yeop of South Korea said. ``We did our best but I'm afraid there has been something not proper about the rules in the event, as long as we went 6-1 and still have to be eliminated.''

Korea signed up for this tournament (and played really really well for six games). If Japan had beaten them twice, and Korea had won this last game, I don't think you'd be hearing any of this garbage. Things were not perfect, but all you had to do was win. Suck it up. Stop this crying. Japan won when it counted. And yes, they did win. Get on with it. (and next time, if there is a chance you are going to have to play the team again, I'd suggest not planting the Korean flag on the mound after a win. Just bad form. These things come back to you.)


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