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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

up at 4:30

Watching the WBC at 5 in the morning. Dominican vs. Venezuela. The commentary is, of course, in Korean. Wish there was an SAP button.

(you choose yr article by the sound. vowel sound, “an”. consonant sound, “a”. When I wrote SAP I started off with an “a”. But that is wrong, should be “an”. FBI, same thing. An FBI agent. Strange that when you say a consonant, least in the above two, you get a vowel sound.)

Done Yoga now for 3 straight days and 5 of the last 6. the body feels better.

Watching this game makes it even more clear to me, if I could go to any sporting event, I’d go to the Caribbean World Series. Where would you go?


Blogger Jim Kober said...

Some type of Air Show event is where I'd be.

3:27 PM


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