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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dear Sir

Jess Mynes, your poetry is stealing my woman. Do you feel good about yrself? This is the rub. New Tiny comes in the mail. “Check this out.” She reads my poems. Sees exactly what they are doing, then says “What about that guy who we listened to read the other day.” “Jess Mynes?” “Yes” so we read Jess’s work. Now there is talk of feeling and emotion, in my work there was talk of words. Then we look at the bio, Jess is a librarian. I think it sounds pretty cool. She thinks it sounds dull. This makes me happy.


Blogger gina said...

When the first issue came out, Reb Livingston wrote an article that essentially said the tiny will get you to make out...looks like the second issue may have the same affect?

11:56 PM

Blogger JWG said...

I need all the help i can get. just do me a favor, next time, put a warning that jess's work might steal yr girl.

8:12 AM


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