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Sunday, April 16, 2006

I got a good drink on

Today I might have a two day hangover. Went out Friday night. didn’t get in until Saturday at 2p or so. the real drinking began in the early morning. Whisky and coffee at maybe 5a and it just kept going. On the bright side I did meet Marcus. Great guy. On the bad side, I was sick Saturday night. Like to believe it was food poisoning, but more likely it was the Whiskey and beer and 17 hrs of drinking one after the next that finally caught up. Felt like the puppet in Team America.

Whole Milk is in. Read it for like an hour today. It only takes a few minutes to read so there was a lot of reading over and over again. I really feel like that was a lucky book. that it fell together, that I fell into working with Scott, that I was a pitcher who hit a homerun. not sure it will ever happen again.

All day I've been thinking of what to write in my friend’s book. She is coming over and I have no idea. Don’t know how to do this. much easier to write a poem than to write a few words that wont make you look like an ass for caring to much or to look like an ass for not caring enough. Hard to be full of magic all the time. much easier to be full of shit.


Blogger Radish King said...

Oh god, the dreaded signing of books. I have resorted to this neverthelesstrout, esp for those nw writers who wondered where my cherry blossom/salmon poems went to.

I signed one book Marlin Brando, Miami '62.

Feel free to use either.

Now I just write my name, even for my closest friends.

10:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having to sign books always causes me stress. I never come up with anything witty. Yesterday I signed a book for someone -- a local author who writes books about frogs -- and my inscription read...

"Ribbit! Ribbit!"

What the fuck?


4:34 PM

Blogger JWG said...

Thank you guys. I think i am going to start signing "Rebecca Massey foreva!"

12:44 AM


your book is beautiful.

the perfect size.

excellent interiors.

lovely color.

11:52 AM


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