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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Whole Milk is ready and waiting for you

from Effing Press: WHOLE MILK by Jim Goar

3.75 x 5.75
40 pages
covers and interior illustrations by Josh Rios
w/ handmade Korean endpapers

a few of the things some people have said about the book (As found on Scott’s blog):

"I don't know what the words in it mean but the book fits in my back pocket and I look hotter and thinner when it is there."

-- girl on street

"Jim Goar writes some good English for a Korean."

-- guy at bus stop

"When I get high with you in the near future this little book of Jim Goar's is what I'll want to reach for"


"Any book with two poems that begin with the line 'a tree sprouted from my penis' is destined to break new ground. "

-- publisher's mom

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Blogger sara* said...


congratulations! the book looks wonderful,..i'll be getting my copy muy pronto.

scott at effing always does really great books.

hey, i heard you'll be in SF soon? it'll be great to see you...xoxo


7:05 PM


looks good.

SF? no LA? hmmmm.

8:18 PM

Blogger JWG said...

actuall leaning more toward LA right now. Thai air has a direct flight from Bangkok, and it is hard for me to pass up bangkok, and I'd love to see you and the P man. the whole thing is up in the air. Would have been sf,la,tucson,austin. now maybe just la,tucson,austin then out to NC. shit.

12:12 AM

Blogger JWG said...

I need to see baseball wherever i go

12:12 AM

Blogger David said...

O.K....I want my copy. long will you be in Brevard?

8:27 AM


either way, very excited. can't wait to get my copy. so amazed by you!

1:26 PM

Blogger Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

HA HA AH --0i0ui0

Those are the greatest quotes ever. The one with your ma makes it for me.

We'll have to celebrate properly when you come to town.

6:25 PM

Blogger Radish King said...

I ordered one and I won't lose it or leave it another country or claim that my mother cooked it into the tuna noodle casserole or some such.

I hope there aren't too many birds in it.

6:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

P. yes we will rock out in LA. and the note from a mom is Scott's mom, though my mom might have a similar reaction
R. there is a bird, but you wont hate it.


8:48 PM

Blogger richard lopez said...

looking good, jim. congratulations

12:50 AM

Blogger JWG said...

brevard will be sometime july - august

3:53 AM

Blogger JWG said...

Thanks to you Richard.
thanks to you sara. Sf is in my heart.

3:54 AM

Blogger JWG said...

thanks to all of you who've ordered.

5:13 PM


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