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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Bears

Plenty of reasons to read the Radish King blog. Today, for instance, it reminded me of Mother’s Day. Sent off an e-mail. So all is good.

Going to a baseball game with Marcus this afternoon. They used to serve OB, now they serve Cass. No big deal really. last time I went the beer was so cold. one was a bit slushy. coldest beer in town. good baseball (I’d say a low minor league level), cheerleaders, 70*, shade. Remind me again, why am I leaving?


Blogger JWG said...

Marcus could not make it. watched the game from all parts of the stands. good fun. ate and drank. Bears lost. sunny day. subway home. never again. too long, and in the end only save 10 bucks. who cares?

1:57 AM


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