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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

one month to go

The USA names its World Cup roster


Anonymous sean mac said...

Any guesses as to the starting 11?

Cherundolo Oneywu Pope Lewis
Beasley Reyna Mastroeni Donovan

Cleveland's not too far from Pittsburgh... hmm, wonder if I can make it.

Article says O'Brien is a risk, but if fit for even thirty minutes I think he's easily worth his weight in gold. A great visionary always looking to go forward in the attack, a strong threat from outside the box. With Lewis as a left back and placing Donovan outside as well, will allow Landon to sneak up behind McBride on occasion with Lewis pushing up and Bocanegro able to cover. Johnson's been getting plenty of playing time, but it is his first Cup, if Arena decides to start him you'll certainly see a differnt look, pushing Lewis to left mid and Donovan to the inside with Reyna. But my guess is Johnson will only see a few minutes off the bench with the hopes that the speedy Wolff will see more time than the youngster and offset the already deadly air threat of McBride. Oh man, I'm getting the fever!

11:18 AM

Blogger JWG said...

what about Bobby Convey?

been away for some time. have not been able to watch a game since the summer after the world cup. seems he could play left mid and one of the defenders sit. Dont know that we need 5
also, I'd start O'brien if healthy. less of a risk as a starter.



cherundolo oneywu pope lewis
Beasley Reyna Obrien Convey

but what the hell do i know

5:35 PM

Anonymous sean mac said...

Yes, I think O'Brien would start if healthy, but from what I'm reading that may not be the case, we'll have to see if he plays and how well in the warm-ups.

My personal thought is that Convey is much too small and inexperienced, not comparable to Beasley by any means. But obiviously Arena thinks he can get the job done. Only when I look at little Bobby Convey I don't see the future of American Soccer.

So right away I ask, "Where is Freddie Adu?" Arena made it clear from the start he wouldn't be selected, but why not make a space for him even if he doesn't play? Many players go and never play, but are strictly used for practice. Let the kid see what the big show is like, give the US some great press. Just having him there would make him and the US subject of much talk around town.

So, we may not see five in the back all three games of the first round, particularly not against Ghana, but there's a definite chance against Italy and Czech Rep. Cherundolo and Lewis both like to move up the wings and playing five at the back provides good coverage for their soirees, it also takes some of the defensive load off of Reyna turning him into more of a playmaker and less of a holding midfielder.

But I don't know much either. Arena will surprise us one way or another I'm sure.

9:51 AM

Anonymous sean mac said...

The fever baby! The fever!

9:52 AM

Blogger JWG said...

Yes, i wonder about Adu too. Bruce got a look at him. who knows where adu's head is. wish i could watch these tune up matches. really get to see what is going on. who plays where. I dont know who plays outside on the defence. does gibbs?

9:05 PM

Anonymous sean mac said...

I think Gibbs yes. Cherundolo. Hejduk. Lewis. I recall seeing Gibbs play once, and have the feeling of being impressed.

Was talking with a co-worker and he mentioned Ben Olsen as being a man on the inside, having played at UVA under Arena, and so was skeptical about that pick.

I could go on and on. I'm itching!

11:49 AM

Blogger JWG said...

here in seoul work with lots o England fans. there is pain. feet hurt. ouch

1:01 PM

Blogger JWG said...

one more shot at it. Pope has not been so hot as of late. why do we keep loving him? who else goes in there?

far as this list goes. obrien if heathy, but i got the feeling he is not


cherundolo oneywu pope lewis
Donovan Reyna Mastroeni Beasley

1:08 PM

Anonymous sean mac said...

I just read that Hejduk tore ligaments in his knee, he's out and Chris Albright is in.

I don't know about Pope. I have always had massive doubts about his ability. Am trying to remember what part he had to play in our success last year, and I can only think of Berhalter!

2:16 PM

Blogger JWG said...

yes, pope was a stud last world cup. had some problems since then. supposedly getting back into form right now. would be great if he was ready, but yes, Berhalter aint bad. I think i want to start Johnson. I think he is going to explode.

8:52 PM


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