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Friday, May 19, 2006

Seems that most of the time lately this blog has been devoted to the Bears and baseball. Today is no different. Bears game this evening. Bears game Sunday afternoon. I think Jamshil stadium is my favorite place in Seoul. There is room to stretch out. They sell peanuts. they sell beer. They sell squid. I don’t like the jerky squid.

This last fall I entered a few book contests. Figured it was the way to do things. That winning one of those things would help secure a university teaching job. Don’t know that I want one of those things. Really have trouble imagining myself in the states for more than a few months. Have added Greece to the list of possible next stops. But also, feel that one of these prizes also distances me from my book. Whole Milk is beautiful. Would I have as much input with a university press? Would I trust them as much as I trust Scott? Anyway, things are changing. Priorities are moving in a direction I feel better about. If Yale comes calling, I won’t say no, but I wouldn’t spend my 20 or so bucks on any of these guys again.


Blogger Anne Boyer said...

I despise contests & refuse to participate in them. The work WILL get out without paying presses to read it. And the academic job market stinks, book(s) or no book(s).

7:20 AM

Blogger gina said...

Here here. Or is it hear hear?

I haven't sent to any contests because I haven't written a book manuscript, but the whole thing seems no bueno to me.

9:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second Boyer's sentiment. Contests are disgusting, for the the most part. You don't need it. They have a lot of people convinced they need it, tho. Good thing you're seeing the light, man.


1:09 AM

Blogger John Sakkis said...

greece is a great stop...i may be living there in a couple years (athens)...

5:30 PM


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