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Monday, May 08, 2006

Went to the US embassy yesterday. had to get a document notarized. First had to push a button and guard opened door. then through metal detector and please put yr phone and keys, and yes, yr binoculars in the cubby to retrieve when you leave. Then into room and left door and take a number. two hours and you get to talk to the happy lady at the counter. how I miss the dmv. We can not notarize this. we have never seen the form. but it is a federal gov form. we haven’t seen it. we can stamp this piece of paper instead. so they stamp that piece of paper instead but only after I get another 45 min older waiting for the supervisor to tell me that we can stamp the other piece of paper instead. Should be 40 bucks lighter but I forget to pay so pissed and anxious am I. back out the door. retrieve binoculars and keys and cell phone. back through front door and wall of riot police though no rioters. I want to incite, but my Korean is poor. look back at the US compound. walls and barbed wire. ugly intimidating building. then into a cab quickly.


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