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Friday, June 09, 2006

4 years

I’ve got butterflies. First world cup game is tonight, 1am. Remember 4yrs ago. first game against Portugal. One of my all time greatest sport victories. Walking outside in the early morning and just going total cheese ball little fist pumps. And that whole world cup playing football with the good folks at Naropa. Ball in PAC. Waiting for the damn lecture to end so we could take off our shoes and run around next to the CU practice field. kick the ball into someone’s garden. Watch Pirooz streak down the left side full of shoulders and watch out and that is a goal. Injuries. drama. And parties at our place. After readings, gather talk enjoy, and around 1a the games coming on from Korea. watching the games and goofing off. All of us there. And in mornings getting up at 6 to watch games. leaving the front door open so that folks could come by and see the game. Really really perfect. and now, 4 years later, here in Korea. never thought when I was watching those games I would be watching these games in Seoul. Never ever thought it. But I am. With football fans from around the globe. in the office we have Koreans and Brits and Aussies and Yanks. We have a man married to a woman from Ecuador. A man from England with folks from Portugal. One of the guys spent a year in Brazil. Well folks, I am super excited. Am glad the USA is playing Italy and the Czech Republic and Ghana. Excited for them to match up with the best. Just want to see great football. wouldn’t it be great to see the USA match up against Brazil in the round of 16? I know that is too much to ask. To play those 4 teams. super sweet. Been watching studio 90 at Bruce makes me very confident. How do you feel?


Blogger John Sakkis said...

great post...when jared hayes and i want to play catch we just say "meet at the naropa greens" (i.e. the park next to cu's practice field...)

you might not recognize naropa now...the field next to the library is now a lush green lawm, the lincoln building is currently going through a huge makeover, the parking lot has been repaved, new windows on the upaya cottages...lookin' better by the day...

belated congrats on your effing book jim!

good times...

3:00 PM


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