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Saturday, June 24, 2006

I am not swiss

Korea lost last night. I think Seoul is kind of off today. in the middle of my move. packed all my boxes. S and I are putting the boxes at the bottom of the driveway. all off to the side, nice n neat. go back up the hill. go in my house. 2 minutes later the taxi calls. tells us to come out. we come out. Boxes have been smashed. look down the road and Monk and wife (yes, monk and wife) have gotten out of the car and are coming back to me. So this is how it goes. two old people driving a big truck fucking killed my boxes. how funny is that? teaches me to get attached to DVDs and Books. some things are salvageable, some things are not. cracks me up. first, super pissed, now it is just silly. Monk or no monk, old folks should be careful about their driving. Some monk function they had to get to, so they couldn’t stick around and help pick up the mess. so, so long monk and monk wife (my landlords). S and I pick shit up. go into town and eat sushi and marvel at dumb monk and dumb monk wife. Think it would be real nice of them to be kind of sorry, but somehow, I think this is going to be my fault. my boxes attacked their car. oh well. today I caught a cricket when it landed on my chest and when I caught it and tried to remove it from my house its leg fell off so now I have a wounded cricket to worry about too. somehow this all lines up. Now I have boxes again and will pack them tomorrow. This move will occur. LA, San Diego, and now I am feeling Austin. Can I get a shout out?


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