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Friday, June 16, 2006

I dont have that many pictures here in Korea. This is what I have.

summer 2000. Two kids who were fishing in the lake nearby. Me with fish (I am wearing my Canyon view little league umpire shirt. At one point I had maybe 10 of these. the number on the front changed color every year. some blue, some green, some red, some gold. I was the head umpire over there for years and years. you got a question, I got an answer. You only wish you could see me punch you out. a sight to see.). Brother Tim wearing his phoenix coyotes hat .Geoff Barlow. If you want to know a bit more about the fish, check out my story.

I am the beached whale in green pants (Am wearing them right now. How old are they?) brother Tim in black hat (see above). Sometime in 99 or 00. just got done with a hike on mount lemon. My dad is behind the camera. Brother and I had good sleeping bags. slept sound that night. Dad had a bag that didn’t work so well. froze his ass off. didn’t say a word to us about it till the morning.

I am the bigger one. Tim is the little guy. We have foils and are ready to do battle. must have been about 82 or so. Renaissance festival. I don’t know if that was the trip when a bee flew up my pants and stung my balls. Not sure if that was the time at the renaissance festival that that happened, but it did happen one time at the renaissance festival.


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