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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I hate this game.

I wait four years for this:

  1. the game is not shown live in Korea.

is this common? Korea news talks about out cheering other countries. can someone explain to me why only the Italy game was shown live. Korea news and fans claim to be soccer fans. what gives?

2 how is that a penalty kick? big man leans on little man. little man falls down. so what? from now on soccer should only be played by boys under 5 foot 5.

3. If you fall down and need help getting back up, your mother should be summoned from the sideline to come and stroke you and pet your hair.

4. If after further review, you in fact did dive, but were not caught (24 hrs later or so a secret decision should be made), again, yr mother should be called from the sidelines (during the next game), and this time she should drag you off the field by yr ear.

If you don’t have a mother you should not be allowed to play soccer


Blogger JWG said...

Claudio Reyna yr mother is being called to the field first

2:43 PM


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