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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

IN twelve hours I sell my computer and TV. I am on the move. I will begin writing in a book again. 33 times before sunrise is done, and I am very happy with it. there was something about working within a time frame that the book came together right at the end, like it was just waiting for this date. watching world cup games at 4:43am. the bell has been ringing for at least five minutes. started before France scored their first goal. Life is good. sushi for lunch tomorrow. all my money is lined up to be transferred to my us account. boxes are in the mail. I have done all the grown up things and am now just enjoying my last few days in Seoul (for now. I think, good chance I am coming back in the fall, but who knows.) . Just like to thank all of you who have been around this past few years. So much has changed for me. kept in touch with the old friends. made new friends. wrote really well. Go team internet. you guys rock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been in Bkk for 3 nights now. staying at the oriental. can only do it for a night. I've always wanted to stay here and it has not disapointed. They take super care. I have a butler. I ask, they do. wish this was my home.

a writers wing. plenty of the good folk (men far as i can tell) stayed here. Conrad and others whose names are beyond my spelling.

off to a beach tomorrow. in the states in a week or so.


9:56 AM

Blogger postpran said...

I am jealous Jim. I really loved 33 Times Before Sunrise. Someone needs to snatch that shit and make a handsome book with it!

Enjoy Bkk. Hope to see u in Seoul again. Or maybe Brazil or Argentina!

2:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get ready for me. I will be back in seoul in Sept. not sure where or how, but it will happen. keep the beer cold.

LA right now. tequila and cheese burgers. almost sure austin is next week. will begin blogging better come 7 or 8 days, when i am in NC, when i have my own computer again.

11:06 AM


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