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Sunday, June 18, 2006

pics from one week ago at the world cup game

Korea beat France early this morning. didnt go out to city hall to watch. just slept. didnt see the game live, saw it on tape. Korea is playing well. Lots can happen in that last game. The USA Italy game brought me joy. screw the Ref and the Italian players. Ugly stuff going on out there. Plenty of dives and just shit moves. But, in the end, a draw was what we got.

I found this bar in Shin Chon that has a big screen tv and imported beer. sit on a couch and cheer on. when the USA played Italy, I was the only one awake. girl at the next table sleeping with her mouth open. owner head on the table. my buddy, Rui, asleep next to me. Me talking to myself and shouting at the screen and feeling good. Sun was well up by the time we left. Who is going to S. Africa with me?



i spy some more adorableness.

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