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Saturday, July 29, 2006

DIY ers. Pirooz has a TV show in LA for you. Watch it. Love it. Be on it. Thats right, contact him and get on TV with your CRAFTY self.

Friday, July 28, 2006

europe for a week

Tomorrow I go to Paris. Decided today. Action tomorrow. Don’t believe me, just stop by my house. Still don’t believe me, I’ll see you at De Gaulle Sunday morning at 11:25a. Europe needs a taste of this.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


From Scott

We could really use some cash for some printing projects so for $12.00 you can receive any 3 effing books that are in print as well as a handful of broadsides, postcards, and bookmarks.

Hart can write.

Matt Hart in the new issue of Siren.

Koo Press

Review of Whole Milk at Koo Press

on the korean language in the LA times

Dangshin is the formal you, but it can be misconstrued if used carelessly.
When a smiling wife calls her husband dangshin and snuggles up to him, it is a
term of endearment.

"But use it with a stranger," Suhr said, "and it becomes a 'fighting word.'
" (Think of the classic New Yorkism, "What are you looking at?")

from the LA Times

Sunday, July 23, 2006

How to spend your time in Brevard

Went to a birthday party last night. Large group of people around 60. I was the young one. I drank. Sam Adams. Red Hook. Red Wine. Bookers. I ate Tuna, Salmon, and rice. I talked and talked. “You love the girl; you have to go back to Korea” “I know, I am” “You should be there now” “I’m doing my best” “Women work on a different time schedule than men.” “Ok, but it is not like I need to go to Chicago. You gonna get a visa for me?” and on and on like this. Finally I asked her if she wanted to make out. Have no idea why I did this. Just seemed appropriate to ask a lady in her 50s something like that. Today it does not seem so appropriate. She laughed. I think it was a good complement. So there was lots and lots of drinking. Dancing. My mother can dance. My father can not. Another guest and I commented on how hot the blonde (my mother) was. Somehow that does not seem as appropriate and funny as it did last night. Still pretty funny though. Dad and I are still recovering today. Mom is steering the ship.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The glasses I have had for 6 years

Dear Effers

I loved my stay in Austin. Think my sunglasses did too. Are they still there?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Whole Milk at Aunt Beep

Stacy is selling Whole Milk at Aunt Beep. Great site. You can find her work there too.

what is next

Whole Milk is out an about. It is being read. I am very happy with the work. Very happy with the response. But, I have a new book. 33 Times Before Sunrise is done. It is just waiting to get picked up. I am tired of asking people to publish it (I’ve only asked a few). I’m in the process of starting up an online web journal and a chap press too. Maybe 33 times will be the first offering. This is the word. If anyone is interested in making a lovely book (Good paper. Good printing. Good layout.) and interested in selling a good book (paypal. Copies sent to people who talk), back channel me and I will send you the manuscript.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Come and swim in the lake

everyone is invited to come and swim in the lake. We have floaty chairs and cold beers. Brevard is about 30 min from Asheville NC.

New Stuff

Review of Whole Milk on Rain Taxi. Scott Glassman gave a great read and a great write. The review was also picked up by The Page.

Work from 33 Times Before Sunrise has been picked up by TYPO and No Tell Motel all in the past 16 hours.

I went to the gym for the first time in 4 months. I weigh 182 lbs. Will I weigh more or less when I leave NC? Damn, I want less, but I bet more. Ma Goar makes a mean pie.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

where i have been

Thailand and S and JWG. We started at the Oriental. Most fabulous place in the world. Is always at the top of the world rankings for hotels and there is a reason why, besides, it only cost 200 bucks for a night, and all of us deserve to be spoiled for a night. Next morning we headed to Koh Hai. Little island about 250 km from Phuket. Days there doing what people do on a lovely island, we swam and ate.

*I could not get my LA pic to go on the computer. Why? Dial up?*

LA is only there because Stacy and Pirooz live there, just moments away from each other and oh so close to the Hollywood stars. I saw a movie at the Chinese theater. I ate a meal in Korea Town. P and I cruised around and saw things. We saw the world cup championship in a bar and while we were drinking Coors light in this dark bar looked up and saw a picture of Charles B and we asked the bar tender and she told us that this bar was a favorite of Mr. B. I listened to P and his band play. I listened to The Conservation Hall Jazz band play. They played in Ameba records and they did it for free and we had no idea they were there only that it was hot outside and we had an hour to kill before the movie started so why not go in and look around. LA. Yes!

In Austin for two days visiting Scott and the Effing clan. Good people all, you can check a photo over at Scott’s blog to see what we were up to, and don’t believe everything you hear, in Scott’s backyard, those two folks do reside. In Austin I ate a roast beef and avocado sandwich for lunch twice. I ate a cheese burger and a poboy. I split my poboy with Brooks so I had me one half a catfish and one half an oysters. Oyster all the way. Plenty of beer. I visited UT and saw the library that houses my favorite map collection. I looked at poetry books and found Blue Heron by Jack Collom. Lovely, laughing, I need to buy the book. And then with Scott and Farid Matuk and Brooks, floating in the lake, drinking beer, food for mosquitoes, objects of curiosity for boats-men and turtles. Both are fun to touch. Farad’s is it the King (EFFING) has provided two great reads. He moves sounds in the first poem:

Out of a tin-cold, murmuring black wood/ Lightly you lope, pale deer, lifting/ a story of pages of snow

Back in North Carolina after about two weeks traveling. I am good at being in strange places, not so good traveling through them. I like my bed. I like my windows. Just got done feeding the cat fish.