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Sunday, July 23, 2006

How to spend your time in Brevard

Went to a birthday party last night. Large group of people around 60. I was the young one. I drank. Sam Adams. Red Hook. Red Wine. Bookers. I ate Tuna, Salmon, and rice. I talked and talked. “You love the girl; you have to go back to Korea” “I know, I am” “You should be there now” “I’m doing my best” “Women work on a different time schedule than men.” “Ok, but it is not like I need to go to Chicago. You gonna get a visa for me?” and on and on like this. Finally I asked her if she wanted to make out. Have no idea why I did this. Just seemed appropriate to ask a lady in her 50s something like that. Today it does not seem so appropriate. She laughed. I think it was a good complement. So there was lots and lots of drinking. Dancing. My mother can dance. My father can not. Another guest and I commented on how hot the blonde (my mother) was. Somehow that does not seem as appropriate and funny as it did last night. Still pretty funny though. Dad and I are still recovering today. Mom is steering the ship.


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