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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ok. so I'm not blogging much. Not reading many blogs either. Been having fun on the list serves. I can't keep on of those conversations in my head though. Feel like it is quite a bit of shouting in a crowded bar and most of us are drunk. Bout perfect. Have no idea who I am shouting with or at. Just shouting and playing and finding that if I sort of respond to someone else, they sort of respond to me. I shouldn't say all my list serve matches are like that, but least the ones here seem to be. Also doing the Lucipo . They let me in bc my folks live in NC and right now I live in NC. So, if you live in NC, this might be a fun one to join. There might be a bonfire this weekend. Ever since I saw a bonfire in one of the police academy movies, I've been in love with the possibilities. Also just entered the Imitapo. Place where the Lucipos that don't live in NC went.

Anyway, enjoying all three.


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