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Monday, October 23, 2006

First day of class is over and I did well. Starting at a new school is never easy. But a class is a class and we went after it and they thought I was funny. So all is good. Took the bus to see S today. Took a bit more time, but I got to see the sky. I hate the subway and the sky and sun and cars are important to me. So the bus will be in my life a lot lot more. Sorry subway, it was fun while it lasted. Wrote a poem on the bus and right when I finished the bus got in a crash. So walked down the street to the next bus stop. Waited at the next bus stop. Listened to black sabbath and looked at the sky. S calls me Babo. Babo means idiot. The word sounds good and I've got no problem with being an idiot. I definitely have idiot tendencies... like wandering around looking at things above me and on the horizon. Past simple has been getting some great work. I am reading it, but am slow getting back. Was so super fast for issue one. This time I am just going slow. Found a place that will make wood carvings from drawings. Will take in Stacy's painting (when I get it, or do I have it, I am Babo. Stacy, help me.) and see what they can do. He claims, through s's translation, greatness. I want to see it. Rich, you are not forgotten.


Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...

BaBo used to be what I called BArry BOnds, when we were still on good terms. Turns out, it was the correct nickname in the first place! I HATE THAT FUCK!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

he better go play for the f'n angels next season.

12:54 PM


i will help you mr. can o' corn. email me. righto.

6:38 PM


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