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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

this is post #700

I am doing everything I can to put off a run. I've been running, consistently, though not well, since I moved out here to North Seoul. I live right down the road from a national park and a national cemetery. I like to run at the national cemetery. Though it is not named a prohibited action on the sign, I have been asked to stop. Now I run on a sidewalk beside the national park and national cemetary.

I've been working on the second issue of Past Simple. If you have not sent me your work yet, I haven't yet received it.

Catfish is still in the drink. Excuses are like assholes, but I have one. Korea is... well, not Korea's fault, mostly mine for being lame in Korea, but I have no idea how this is going to work. I don't know how many more moves I will be asked to make and have no idea what my address will be in a week and that address in a week will probably, almost certainly, be different than the one I have in two months. Whole lot of moving going on.

I only write poems on the bus. I curl up in a little ball right above the right front tire and write. Then, after a 45 minute bus ride, I wait outside of S's office and read and write, but mostly watch and imagine. Then, on good days, I eat sushi. Guys, come to Seoul just to eat Sushi at this place. I have never eaten anything like it. It must be designed in China. Salmon so thick and fresh it makes you want to swim or/and gather honey. I think it is time for me to run.

I am for globalization bc it does not care about me and is going to happen regardless. I am prepared for weather, are you? I really don't feel like running yet. I'd much rather moon walk.


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