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Sunday, November 19, 2006

who are you on google

Who reads this blog?

When you do a "Jim Goar" google, this is the first thing that comes up. Welcome to Jim Goar. I've been applying for a few jobs and have wanted to keep things a bit low key round here. Don't want too much of me seeping out to the world, scaring off great jobs.

Just got word that I landed one of the great jobs. Have another interview coming tonight. Huge vacations. 12 hrs per week. Good enough pay. Life is good and poetry is my friend. Working real hard right now. The poems are coming out. Hangman is going to put up a few in the next issue. I am now three sets in. my second set I sent only to university magazines (two...bc I did not want to put them in the mail). Now I have a third set going. Will start sending it around soon.

When I am wearing my Past Simple hat I ask poets to submit work. Would say that half of my submissions come from the ask. But as a poet, I don't like the ask. I want to send work where I fucking want to send work and get your wants out of my head. So it is a strange game. If you want my wants out of your head, just tell me.

Ladies, please submit to past simple. What can I do? More men submit. I've asked some of my favorite poets, and some were very receptive and some were like yes, but not yet, so I wait. I don't mind waiting, even forever, it is totally not my business where you put your work, but what can I do?

The next issue is going to be so good. Give it about a month.

I still get a real nice feeling when I see someone on a list serve say something good about past simple. Don't have any idea who this person is (and that makes it better) and he was just like, “past simple!” and I'm like, “past simple!” so it was great.


Blogger postpran said...

Hope all goes well with the interview man. Looks like we are both changing jobs for the better. I do dig Past Simple by the way :-) Haven't sent any work out for over a year. I will take the plunge soon.

5:54 AM

Blogger JWG said...

Get that sam gyup sal pic off yr logo, damn trader. place is not as much fun w/o you

6:05 AM


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