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Sunday, December 31, 2006

CNS may seize Thaksin's assets following bomb attacks

Bombs in Bangkok. Who knows who did this. However, I doubt it was Thaksin. This is how things start ugly and get worse.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

RIP Chris Brown

Back from Beijing. What, you didn't know I was in Beijing?

Monday, December 18, 2006

From the NY Times

Azar Nafisi, the author of “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” quoted a former colleague in Tehran who compared dealing with the Islamic Republic to playing chess with a monkey. “In the middle of the game, the monkey picks up your queen and swallows it,” she said. “Then what are you going to do? You are dealing with a country that is not going to follow your rules.”

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

playing this. Time to go for a walk.

Just saw this from Burke's book store (Corey Mesler owns it. Check him out in past simple 2). They are making T-shirts. Why not win 100 bucks and get to put your art on something nice? Check the link. Send it in soon.

Best wishes,

Your Boss

The next time you write a paper you really should put me in it bc it will really make your paper better.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I am on vacation

I am a binge TV viewer. No TV for weeks, then I get a little bug. Start watching anything I can find on the Internet. Been watching “Heroes”. Has anyone else seen this show? I've watched 9 episodes in 24 hours. I am not even sure if it is good. I really like it though. Does that make sense? Get your superhero fix.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Real Beer in Seoul! Who wants to come with me?

Big Rock Pub is near Jung Chul Language Institute (Gangnam Station, Line No. 2, Exit No. 7). For further information, call (02) 539-6650.

Today Vendler seldom reviews poets under 50, since their “frames of reference,” she says, are alien to her. “They’re writing about the television cartoons they saw when they were growing up. And that’s fine. It’s as good a resource of imagery as orchards. Only I’ve seen orchards and I didn’t watch these cartoons,” she said. “So I don’t feel I’m the best reader for most of the young ones.”

I rather like this quote. It is an admission that she does not know everything.

Thinking about this quote a bit more though, I wonder, doesn't she know about cartoons as much as she knows about landing on the moon or stars or orchards? Doesn't she know as much about cartoons as she does about being a man? Do we need to know about the subject we review, or can we just look at the poem and see how it works?

Could someone teach me how to be a better reader? I read a poem and simply say, "I like this." And when i try to explain what i like, that what i like, moves further away.

So I am sitting outside in the sun and feeling real nice and warm. Very content. And I say to my friend, "this is great, just perfect." and she says, "why?" and i try to explain and that perfect is no longer with me. I can point and say, "look", but if you don't see it, how can i explain it? It is what it is.

I need to go back to school.

Instead of just saying, “you suck!”, I probably should clarify why I think cranky sucks. Cranky has put out a few issues now. They have seen work from a lot of writers. Now they want to make a book. That is great. More books need to be made. So, you know quite a few writers, you want to make a book, why not just ask one of the writers you think is super sexy to make a book with you? It seems pretty easy. Why charge this $15 reading fee (bad enough that they charge a reading fee, but to make it so high, what a joke.)?

We’ll read all entries blindly (like the three mice), which means anything that shouts out your name will disqualify you; please do not include in your manuscript any poems previously published by Cranky.

This just seems absurd. I like writers whose style shouts out their name. Everything else is vanilla. It bleeds together. And as a publisher of a magazine, don't you want to publish unique and interesting writers? Don't you want those same writers submitting to your book contest? What is going on here?

Why state that you want to make a book without having that book in mind? Shouldn't you first see some work that needs to be seen by other people, then make the book (and now, in this contest, you want them to hide the work that you love? Again, give me a break.)? And so maybe they do have work in mind. I am not saying they won't give a good read, only that they probably already have some favorites. So why not just ask those favorites? In the end, your money will finance the work of someone else. If you think of reading fees as a donation, as I sometimes do, then fine, donate. I like giving money to good causes. All they had to do was ask.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Today I got an e-mail from Cranky. They want us to submit to their chapbook contest. $15 will get you the privilege of being read by them. What the fuck? $15 for a read that could result in you making my chap and giving me some copies and a few hundred bucks. You guys suck. You guys suck. You really do.

Ex-Giant Uribe killed in crash in Dominican Republic

half the croud would shout, "U." and the other, "ribe". remember the arguements that he was a better shortstop than ozzie smith. He could sure turn a double play. RIP

This time last year I was on my way to Brazil. Bought some Brazilian Portuguese CDs and was moving right along. Portuguese, ah, you lovely language. I can hear your sounds. But I am in Korea, and might be in Korea for some time, and if luck holds, someone from Korea will be in my life for quite a bit longer. So, I went back to the same company and bought the Korean CD. Now, I have been in Korea for about 2.5 years. Plugged in my Ipod today and began to listen. My god, I heard nothing. What the hell were they talking about. I felt a bit of panic. I was through five lessons of Portuguese in five days. And that was starting from nothing. I think this first lesson of Korean might take me a week or so.

A friend of mine lived in Brazil for a year before he came to Korea, fell in love, married and settled down. He was fluent in Portuguese after that one year. After two years in Korea, his Korean is still improving, but he is not much more than a beginner.

There are quite a few bus rides ahead of me. Before, on those rides, I'd spent all my time writing. Now I need to spend some of my time listening.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Past simple 2 is ready for your eyes

Past simple 2 is ready to kick you in the gut. Check it. Work by:

Ryan Bird / Oni Buchanan / Adam Clay / Mark Cunningham / Stacy Dacheux / Elisa Gabbert / Judson Hamilton / Emilie Hanson / Matt Hart / Dustin Hellberg / Rebecca Loudon / Corey Mesler / Nate Pritts / Kathleen Rooney

In Luck,

Jim Goar

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cold here in Seoul. Have not seen the above freezing in a few days. I am warm right now. My apartment has ondul. Love walking on warm floors. The air is better too. Don't know why this does not catch on in the states. I ever build a house, it will have ondul.

Past simple is a few days away. Some hot late submissions and acceptances. Everything is laid out. All the proofs but one are back. I have room for one more poet, so if you have not sent your work yet, send it soon.

Still not movement forward with the book making. Feel bad about it, but that is just the way it is.

Going to Beijing with S this Christmas. See all the great communist things. Drink beer. Eat things that move. Yes yes.

Pirooz looks to be coming out here in mid-February. He will be teaching where I am now. By March though, I won't be here anymore, I will be at the new gig.