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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Instead of just saying, “you suck!”, I probably should clarify why I think cranky sucks. Cranky has put out a few issues now. They have seen work from a lot of writers. Now they want to make a book. That is great. More books need to be made. So, you know quite a few writers, you want to make a book, why not just ask one of the writers you think is super sexy to make a book with you? It seems pretty easy. Why charge this $15 reading fee (bad enough that they charge a reading fee, but to make it so high, what a joke.)?

We’ll read all entries blindly (like the three mice), which means anything that shouts out your name will disqualify you; please do not include in your manuscript any poems previously published by Cranky.

This just seems absurd. I like writers whose style shouts out their name. Everything else is vanilla. It bleeds together. And as a publisher of a magazine, don't you want to publish unique and interesting writers? Don't you want those same writers submitting to your book contest? What is going on here?

Why state that you want to make a book without having that book in mind? Shouldn't you first see some work that needs to be seen by other people, then make the book (and now, in this contest, you want them to hide the work that you love? Again, give me a break.)? And so maybe they do have work in mind. I am not saying they won't give a good read, only that they probably already have some favorites. So why not just ask those favorites? In the end, your money will finance the work of someone else. If you think of reading fees as a donation, as I sometimes do, then fine, donate. I like giving money to good causes. All they had to do was ask.


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