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Saturday, January 20, 2007

what we did on saturday

Saw night at the museum. Is that what it is called in the states? It was a movie for kids. I laughed. I almost walked out. I laughed. A kid behind me kept making strange noises. I thought he was going to blow a bugger on the back of my head. He didn't. I almost stepped on a child while walking up the stairs. Kids need to watch out. They are not easily seen. Pirooz almost crushed one with piggy tales. Pirooz got hit on by a man?woman? Who knows. Not important. Don't think the person was Pirooz's type. I bought a children's book by Yi Sang. I've been reading his big boy books in translation. I love him. This should be a fun little learning project. I bought an electric dictionary. I bought “where the wild things are” written in Hangul. Again, fun to translate. I will see how close I can get to the original. We ate well. SY misrepresented my spiritual beliefs. I sang yellow submarine and sweet home Alabama. I sang them well. SY sang more better. Pirooz sang more better. We drank a bottle of Soju. We drank lots of bottles of beer. We drank coffee. Not in that order. Pirooz has pictures. Figure they will go up on his blog soon.


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