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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What world is Professor Kim from

Ask any Korean student overseas why he has decided to study abroad, he is likely to answer: "To serve my motherland." Students from other countries would have answered: "To improve my learning and get a better job." For most Koreans, however, motherland overrides virtually everything, and so does patriotism.

This is from a professor at a top university in Korea (click on the link). I find this statement unbelievable. I have asked countless students of mine why there are going overseas to study and have never heard this response (money, jobs, & lifestyle have all come up). This misinformation is a common disconnect between the way the world is and the way some want it to be. I don't think this statement would get very far in a Korean language newspaper, but because it is written in English, and made available for foreign (though some Koreans do read the Herald for an English learning tool) readers, not much attention will be paid to it.


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