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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mango lives

I feel that a fantasy baseball draft is just around the corner. I eagerly await my e-mail.


Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...

Who are your top 5 choices for the draft?

Mine are:

1. Albert Pujols
2. Alfonso Soriano
3. Ryan Howard
4. Alex Rodriguez
5. Jose Reyes

I'm not buying into the jive that I should select Johann Santana in the first round.

2:20 PM

Blogger Matthew Henriksen said...

I think that's why Tost put Fascicle up. Time to clear the table.

Logan, Soriano's RBIs are going to fall this season. I'd bump Howard up one spot and Reyes up two.

Santana doesn't make my top ten.

2:23 PM

Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...

but Matthew, while sorianos rbi's might dip, he'll still steal a bunch of bags, hit for power, and have a decent rbi total. thusly, he'll garner more well-rounded points for my team than howard, who will probably hit 35-38 HRs, and yes, still have an awesome RBI total of 110 or more, but will steal no bags. of course, howard will also hit for better average than soriano...

that's a tough call.

but there's a humungous cubs fan in my league, so if i don't get there first i won't get him anyway. i'm hoping my draft slot is in the first 5 picks, so i'll at least get one of my top 5.

yeah, santana i might pick in the third or fourth round if he were still available. but you can always make up for pitching by picking an FA up in the first quarter of the season as there's always a bunch of sleepers in that category.

3:32 PM

Blogger JWG said...

I don't share my strategy unless you pay me. Just get me in the league and let me work my magic.

5:47 PM

Blogger JWG said...

I hope I draft at number 3. Unless, of course, I can draft in the one or two spot.

really though, I am happiest in the middle of the round. Maybe at number 10 or so.

5:57 PM


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