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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tired of lodging nuggets I thought I flicked back into my nose.

About time for me to watch once upon a time in America. Watched it before, years back, now it is time ..

just ran to my closet. Had forgotten to empty the water bottle. I have an ac unit. The hose goes out a window behind my closet. Supposed to. It does not. It hangs and water the tile of my closet. Was having wet clothes. Why? Now i know. Well, forgot to empty the bottle. Watter on the floor. Emptied the bottle. Wiped water up. Back at my computer.

Be looking for the next issue of past simple in the next few days. Right now I am working on Catfish Books. They will be out later this summer. Been so slow but now I have a plan. All of you are going to be looking for your socks. Some great books.

Back in the states july 4th. I want to see some fucking fireworks. Will be in Asheville for about six weeks. So ready to get out of this dirty noisy air. SY will be visiting for two weeks. So ready to see her in the lake.

So that is about it. Oh, the poem below is going to be posted with my audio at i-outlaw


Anonymous Buffy said...

I've not been home on the 4th in years.....this one will be no excpetion.

1:40 PM

Blogger postpran said...

stop in Poland sometime this summer. I will be here all summer execpt August 12th-27th. Free place to stay. Nice clean modern flat. Krakow is close (2 hours) and it is amazing :-)

5:42 AM


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