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Monday, July 07, 2008

The University of East Anglia

Come the middle of August, I will be in the UK. I have accepted an offer from UEA to study for my PhD in Literature and Creative Writing. UEA is in Norwich. It is about an hour or so outside of London. It might be closer to Amsterdam than London, but I will have to explore to find out. I have never set foot in England. I have no idea what to expect besides good beer, though good beer counts for a mighty lot in my book. I am nervous and excited, so I know that I made the right choice. Comfort brings many good things but also fosters stagnation. I need to see the new again. I need to discover ways into the work I have not yet found. I need the uncertainty that location brings.

This summer has been, and continues to be, productive. I am sharpening my tools. I am (was) playing with borrowed form. Now I am making my own from the pieces I found. I am trying to prepare myself for a different view of poetry than what I have thus far encountered. I want my work to change. I tire of the same. I want to be able to go with what is given.

I am not sure if my decision to study in the UK limits my chances of employment back here. I am not even sure I care if it does. Figure if it limits here, it opens there. But in the end, it is all about the work. Would the work grow better in a slow town in the states, or would the work benefit from being around some of the best and brightest the UK has to offer? Not sure, but I think my time for living in a small town is about ten years away.

Sy has accepted an offer to study Development Studies at UEA, though her MA study is only for a year (I will be there for three). UEA was real blessing. They have the oldest writing program in the UK. They also have the oldest DEV program in the UK. Both of us are excited. We will be looking for a house soon. If anyone is in the neighborhood, make sure to drop us a line.


Blogger postpran said...

congrats Jim!!! That's fantastic. I am in London. You should take a wee trip to London and i can pump up an inflatable mattress for both of you. Have a beer or two and have fun in London town!!!

Also curious about the programme. Thinking about how I could also do a Phd in English and creative writing in England. If only I can find a way to get funding etc.

Anyway . . . we should hook up for sure!!!

London is a crazy city. Everything and anything is here. It is the world's microcosm.



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