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Monday, December 01, 2008

Sunday at the York and then the Rose

Sunday is my favorite day. I am sure if I had to work on Monday, it would not be, but these days I am a student. Sunday is a time of roasts.

The pub down the street, York Tavern, offers beef or pork or chicken. I usually go with the beef.

Sy also went with the Beef. She also went with a Guiness. She has good taste.

After the food, SY went home to work on a paper, and I went to another pub to watch some football.

We bet on was going to score the first goal I got 0-0. The score was not 0-0, so I lost The time was good and the sun went down at 4. I saw it set through the bathroom window. I don't take pictures in the bathroom, so you will just have to imagine what a setting sun looks like. Today there is no sun, only rain. A pizza is on the way.

I just joined facebook. It seems that that is where things are announced. I am not big on asking people to be my friend. So, if I have not asked you yet, it does not mean that I do not desire it.


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