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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back from London

Back from London. We went to the reading. Good turnout. Then went out with Marcus and E. Great time as always. Went to Westminster Abbey the next day.
This is me outside the Abbey. I was still in a bit of shock. Had no idea that Chaucer was burried there. Was amazed at all the poets I got to stand on. That floor is the ceiling for many years of literature. Chaucer though was the first. He was burried there not bc of his work, but because of his connection to the Abbey. Guess he rented a room and was always around. Later though, many poets wanted to be burried with him, so they were. Tennyson is there. And many others who are not burried there have memorials there. Spicer was not there.

That is the London Eye behind us. A couple was caught on film having sex in one of the pods the other day.
We headed out of London to New Maldon. 20 minutes by train. It was time for some Korean food and shopping. Ate so much I forgot to take pictures. It was delicious. So tired after the food that we came right back home. We got back to Norwich at about 7:30. Great day of blue sky London.


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