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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back from the Openned reading

Had a great time at the Openned reading. Think I made more friends than enemies. The foundry was packed. All chairs taken. Standing room in the back three deep. Had no idea this many people cared about poetry. Read from my Arthur sequence. Saw a video camera. Must be video. If it gets posted, I will post it here. *update: no video*

Got the 11:30p train back to Norwich. At some point I fell asleep. Woke up and the train was empty. Strange to be in an empty train late at night. Was happy when I got out. Taxi home. Asleep at 2:30a.

Back in my hammock today. Writing. Listing to archived Giants spring training games. Need the sound of baseball these days.

Changed the submission guidelines for past simple seven. Will only take poems first published on a personal blog. Would like to do something about ownership in poetry. The unquestioning. Why no previously published poems? Curious how this will play.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What to do on Wednesday

What is the chance that you are in London, but just in case.  I will be reading at openned this 25 March.   Here is a link to a map.  A lineup follows.

7:15 p.m (Find a seat)

Night Starts: 7:30 p.m

Jim Goar (10 mins)
Lucy Harvest Clarke (10 mins)
Keston Sutherland (10 mins)

Interval (15 mins)

Amy De'Ath (10 mins)
Sean Bonney (10 mins)
Alex Davies (10 mins)

interval (15 mins)

John Sparrow (10 mins)
Redell Olsen  (15 mins)

I expect some serious body blows.  If at least one chair is not broken over my head or yours, the night has been a bust.  I hope to see you there.  

WBC championship

Korea plays Japan for the WBC championship. No bigger rivalry in all of sports. Dodger stadium will be rocking. Wish I could be there. Go Korea!!!! Below are some pics from Jamshil stadium in Seoul.  Went to many a Doosan Bears game. Good baseball.  Miss it.

One team out and one team in

The lineup that never was

Roberts 2B

Victorino RF

Rollins SS

Wright 3B

Dunn DH

Braun LF

McCann C

DeRosa 1B

Granderson CF

Loved that Jeter was again our SS (big error in the 8th). This is not his fault; he was just a symptom. The wrong players were used throughout this tournament. DeRosa is not a first baseman, but he was asked to play there. Youkilis got hurt. Lee is a bit dinged up. Ok. But, on a roster this big, shouldn’t there be another guy who could play first? In the end, it worked out with DeRosa. Guy can simply bring it. He is a ballplayer. Just pointing out how poorly this was run from top to bottom. I had questions with the way the game was run, but that is something different. My biggest concern was the cavalier way the USA went about this, again. The team was not given a chance. I feel sorry for the players. They were committed. I only wish the people that ran this team put forth the same effort.

But, there was good news on Sunday. The University of Arizona advanced to the sweet 16. I have not been as satisfied with a season since the 97 championship. I hope this does not end, but no matter what, this team holds a place in Wildcat history.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

USA in the WBC

Stayed up late to watch the WBC. Wouldn't have thunk it before this thing started, but now I can't get enough. I bought the package, so can watch all the wbc games and all the regular season games. I am going to get my baseball on this year. But, this WBC is angering me. I've watched how teams use their players. The teams that are winning are the teams that are treating this like a real game. Look at Korea. Look at Japan. Look at Cuba. Get the the best players out there. To begin with, the USA does not have all of its best players. I wish the players wanted to play, but many did not (the USA is not alone in this). Still, the US has a very good team. Lots of quality. The problem is that the wrong players are playing (here is a great chart showing the best and the worst in mlb. Plus shows that you get to that many more balls than the average. Minus means you get to that many less. Plus is good, minus is bad). The most obvious example of this is Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter should not be splitting time with Jimmy Rollins. By every statistical analysis out there, it is not even close. Rollins is better at the plate and in the field. Yet, for some reason, they are splitting time. If Jeter is not content with a utility roll, then he should not be on the team. Another big problem is occurring in right field. Adam Dunn is a beast at the plate, but even worse in the field. Right now it is obvious that Chipper Jones is hurt/not playing well. Dunn should never be in the outfield, but now that Jones is hurt, they should move Dunn to DH. Simple. The problem is that team USA is being run like an All-star team and not like a baseball team. I fear the Netherlands.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ebbe Borregaard. 1970.

I took this picture from Big Bridge.  They can have it back if they would like.  

The other day I recieved, The Reality Street Book of Sonnets. I have not moved very far into it.  I am stuck on Ebbe Borregaard.  Who is this man?  I am in the process of searching him out, but this book gives me 12 sonnets.  here is one:

For what do I race these corridors of courtesy

from here on tell me love in poetry

Aye, and you, I am fickle too,

so rest in me now dumb fool

claspt in such inhospitable devotion—

POOOT, this is for them behind

near on to me.

Love is lost as it is to me,

she fell away like fruit blown down with wind,

POOOT that I am, headlong I carry

my fawnsey quills dug in my sides

in which contemporary diseases ride.

On either hand groves of grievous tyranny

in which to hang yr golden tapestry.

That his poetry stuck me as brilliant, I find not at all odd.  As the search goes on more and more Jack Spicer appears.  He knew and ran with Spicer.  San Francisco is becoming more and more central to my poetry right now.  So, back to the reading and the search.

Friday, March 13, 2009

past simple 6: Some innovative poetry and prose from Ireland and Britain

past simple six was edited by Marcus Slease and Jim Goar.

  • Karen Eliot
  • Geraldine Monk
  • Peter Manson
  • Tim Atkins
  • Steve Willey
  • Augustus Young
  • Alyson Torns
  • Michael Zand
  • Alex Davies
  • Trevor Joyce
  • Ken Edwards
  • Fanny Howe
  • Amy De’Ath
  • Sean Bonney
  • Tom Raworth
  • Rob Holloway
  • Maurice Scully
  • David Toms
  • Randolph Healy
  • C. Walsh & B. Mills
  • David Lloyd
  • Peter Jaeger
  • Stacy Dacheux: On The Front Page.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ken Edwards has updated the Reality Street website. Nice clean new look. You can also check out his blog.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring Cold

No longer in Korea so this March cold can't be blamed on the yellow dust. This is a cold. After treating myself to the 9-5 of serious writing, I am now back to poetry. What the serious writing did was get me into King Arthur. Read and read and read. Learned more in a short time than I ever have before. Now all that information is finding new ways out. Sending out the poems. Jacket is going to publish a few in May. Trying to learn as little about these as I can. Stay blind as long as blind can be. Let the horse find itself in water.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

from the openned blog

Sean Bonney & Frances Kruk Benefit Reading - Jow Lindsay