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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ebbe Borregaard. 1970.

I took this picture from Big Bridge.  They can have it back if they would like.  

The other day I recieved, The Reality Street Book of Sonnets. I have not moved very far into it.  I am stuck on Ebbe Borregaard.  Who is this man?  I am in the process of searching him out, but this book gives me 12 sonnets.  here is one:

For what do I race these corridors of courtesy

from here on tell me love in poetry

Aye, and you, I am fickle too,

so rest in me now dumb fool

claspt in such inhospitable devotion—

POOOT, this is for them behind

near on to me.

Love is lost as it is to me,

she fell away like fruit blown down with wind,

POOOT that I am, headlong I carry

my fawnsey quills dug in my sides

in which contemporary diseases ride.

On either hand groves of grievous tyranny

in which to hang yr golden tapestry.

That his poetry stuck me as brilliant, I find not at all odd.  As the search goes on more and more Jack Spicer appears.  He knew and ran with Spicer.  San Francisco is becoming more and more central to my poetry right now.  So, back to the reading and the search.


Blogger Colin said...

Dear Jim,

There is, I believe, a thin book of sonnets by Ebbe Borregaard under the anagrammatic pseudonym Gerard Boar called 'Sketches for 13 Sonnets'... I am not sure if that is what is in the Reality Street book or not.


2:31 PM

Blogger jwg said...

Hi Colin,

Yes. In the notes it tells me that this is from "Sketches for 13 sonnets" from The Angle Hair Anthology.

I've been over on the big bridge reading this long historical piece about the scene in Bolinas

Ebbe is mentioned, but others are talked about more.

6:11 AM

Blogger Cy Mathews said...

Dear Jim,

There's three poems of Borregaard's in the 1st issue of "Locus Solus" (1961), two of which - "Other stories of the beauty wapiti" and "wapiti 3" are quite amazing, long rambling mytho-surreal mash-ups (the third poem, titled "From 'Sprach'", is a bit more restrained but still interesting).

There doesn't seem to be much online about Borregaard, have you managed to find any other good resources?


7:49 PM

Blogger Tofa said...

Hi, totally out of the blue, but that's my Dad you're talking about.
~ Tofa Borregaard

2:30 AM

Blogger jwg said...

Dear Tofa,

Thanks for the note. Rather used to things out of the blue. Great poet, your dad.


2:42 AM

Blogger Britt Peter said...

Dear Jim: I haven't seen Ebba in 50years but we worked together a few times. I knew him as a working stiff and a poet and as a patient friend.Bo's Gallery looked wonderful after a fresh coat of paint even before the paintings went up on the wall. -Britt Peter

2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ebbe was part of the San Francisco Renaissance scene. See Poet Be Like God (Jack Spicer) by Ellingham & Killian.

6:01 PM


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