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Monday, March 23, 2009

One team out and one team in

The lineup that never was

Roberts 2B

Victorino RF

Rollins SS

Wright 3B

Dunn DH

Braun LF

McCann C

DeRosa 1B

Granderson CF

Loved that Jeter was again our SS (big error in the 8th). This is not his fault; he was just a symptom. The wrong players were used throughout this tournament. DeRosa is not a first baseman, but he was asked to play there. Youkilis got hurt. Lee is a bit dinged up. Ok. But, on a roster this big, shouldn’t there be another guy who could play first? In the end, it worked out with DeRosa. Guy can simply bring it. He is a ballplayer. Just pointing out how poorly this was run from top to bottom. I had questions with the way the game was run, but that is something different. My biggest concern was the cavalier way the USA went about this, again. The team was not given a chance. I feel sorry for the players. They were committed. I only wish the people that ran this team put forth the same effort.

But, there was good news on Sunday. The University of Arizona advanced to the sweet 16. I have not been as satisfied with a season since the 97 championship. I hope this does not end, but no matter what, this team holds a place in Wildcat history.


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