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Sunday, March 15, 2009

USA in the WBC

Stayed up late to watch the WBC. Wouldn't have thunk it before this thing started, but now I can't get enough. I bought the package, so can watch all the wbc games and all the regular season games. I am going to get my baseball on this year. But, this WBC is angering me. I've watched how teams use their players. The teams that are winning are the teams that are treating this like a real game. Look at Korea. Look at Japan. Look at Cuba. Get the the best players out there. To begin with, the USA does not have all of its best players. I wish the players wanted to play, but many did not (the USA is not alone in this). Still, the US has a very good team. Lots of quality. The problem is that the wrong players are playing (here is a great chart showing the best and the worst in mlb. Plus shows that you get to that many more balls than the average. Minus means you get to that many less. Plus is good, minus is bad). The most obvious example of this is Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter should not be splitting time with Jimmy Rollins. By every statistical analysis out there, it is not even close. Rollins is better at the plate and in the field. Yet, for some reason, they are splitting time. If Jeter is not content with a utility roll, then he should not be on the team. Another big problem is occurring in right field. Adam Dunn is a beast at the plate, but even worse in the field. Right now it is obvious that Chipper Jones is hurt/not playing well. Dunn should never be in the outfield, but now that Jones is hurt, they should move Dunn to DH. Simple. The problem is that team USA is being run like an All-star team and not like a baseball team. I fear the Netherlands.


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