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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Reading HTML GIANT. Nothing better going on. Enjoyed their look at the NY Tyrant. Thing is, my bookshelf is not so hot either. Not that it matters, but there it is. Really though, the books that matter most right now are bellow the hammock or beside the toilet.


Blogger alan hay said...

That Lark In The Morning is a true delight, no? Some of those translations like the Pound / Daniel ones really seem to hover on the verge of the possible. I've kind of made up a ridiculous accent for reading them out loud in the original when the flat's empty.

11:08 AM

Blogger Addison Kerr said...

what's that 2666

1:09 PM

Blogger jwg said...

Hi guys,

Lark is something I took off the shelf a few years ago, wanted to teach a few, did, and now it is back on the shelf. Want to keep it close. Feels like it could be necessary for where I am going. Has not been yet. As far as reading. Yes. Funny voice. "the Ladies with the cat" never fails to make me want to write something a bit dirty.

2666 is now at Marcus Slease's house. Kind of miss it. Great Great book. Roberto Bolano is a favorite. Fell in love with 'Distant Star'. Good place to start, but you can't go wrong. Start where you find.

6:12 PM


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