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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ground Attack

I know. Don't get excited. This team can't hit. It is early in the season. They are only 18-14. Only 18-14? Even my dreams don't get this wild. Just got done watching the game. Have grown to really enjoy waking up every morning, sitting in my hammock with coffee and yogurt, and watching the game. I did not think I would enjoy watching archived games, but today I got so excited about a homerun that happened five hours before that I spilled coffee on myself and scared sy from sleep. There was noise. I am growing to love this team. The Giants are leading the league in infield hits and in fun. Just look at that graph. Down by one with two outs in the ninth. Nobody on. We are looking at a 97% chance of a Nats win. Then a single. Then a wild throw to first. Then a walk. Man on first and second for Pablo Sandoval. Homerun. Great way to start the day.


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