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Sunday, May 03, 2009


Many thanks to Anthony Joseph & Sascha Akhtar for putting on such a nice event. The reading went well. Ira Lightman has so many voices, and, from what I could tell, went into and after everyone from Plath to Language poetry. He also sang two poems. One Blake and one Poe. I felt a bit off in my reading. Think I tried to squeeze too many poems into 20 minutes. Learning experience. Construction on the tracks last night. Hustled back to Liverpool Station to catch a bus. The bus was late, then we were told the bus was not coming, and right after that the bus arrived. Without the bus I would have slept right there on the ground. So, happy it came. Got to Ingatestone at around 1a. Waited for a late train. Waited. Train came. In Norwich at 3a. Asleep at 4.

The best part of going to London is seeing Marcus. Went to a fish and chips place right next to the Poetry Cafe. Sadly I had to hustle to the train station. Not enough time to talk.


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