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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some good news these past few days. From October until March I worked exclusively in prose. I studied Spicer's, The Holy Grail. I went line by line looking where his poems pointed. There were instances of Arthurian Legend, but there were also so many other directions he went. I tried to track and so better understand what was happening in his poems. I recently received word that Jacket is going to publish my look at The Book of the Death of Arthur. I know that the research was helpful for me. I hope it will also be helpful for others. From this study, I began to write a series of poems which began in Arthurian Legend, but now seem to have much to do with the Dustbowl. Jacket is also going to publish some of these. As far as level of excitement goes, the acceptance of my prose, since it is where I feel weakest, is the bigger thrill. And, just yesterday, I got word that Poetry Wales wants to publish a few poems.



excellent! yay!

4:51 AM

Anonymous dirty martini said...

Congratulations! Adulation from any corner is always welcome, but to be published - that is the greatest kudo of all. May you find success and happiness where you least expect it.

2:39 AM


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