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Sunday, June 06, 2010

One good reason why the Giants have problems

When I was young, I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. I had just realized that I was never going to be a super hero. It was a tough day. It seems our Bruce Bochy (manager of the Giants) has not yet realized this. Bochy is the "he" in this 2006 USA today article.

"He thinks he's Manu, the world's greatest athlete," Towers says. "Sometimes he's crazy. We walked to the Golden Gate Bridge once. It must have been a 10-mile walk. The walk almost killed him. But he stands there and tells me that he thinks he can jump off the bridge and survive. I tell him only a few people have ever survived that jump, but he doesn't think it's that tough."

This is the man who walks the lineup out to the umpire. It makes me sad. There is a reason why Molina keeps batting 4th.


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