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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Yes, I am happy

Had a run of really nice days. Read down in Cambridge and then a few days later at Xing the Line in London. At each place I got to see some of my favorite poets. There were more favorite poets, but these are the photos where I am standing next to that favorite poet and being happy.
Aiden Semmens. Goar. Peter Riley in Cambridge

Goar. Geraldine Monk. Xing the Line. London

Goar. Ken Edwards. Xing the Line. London

Goar. Peter Riley. Cambridge


Blogger Aidan Semmens said...

And there I am with a couple of MY favourite poets :-)
It was great to meet and hear you, Jim, only sorry circumstances (seating plan) prevented us from having a more indepth conversation. Maybe some time before you return Stateside...

8:26 AM

Blogger jwg said...

Yes, the dinner was delicious but wish we could have been closer to have a chat. I will be in London in January. If you ever get up Norwich way, let me know.

1:53 PM


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