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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Anselm Hollo

Saw this on Tom Raworth's blog. Thoughts and wishes with Anselm Hollo. One of the greats. Get well soon.

Latest news (from Jane)
Anselm was returned to the Intensive Care Unit on Thursday morning because he woke up a little disoriented and a CAT scan showed that fluid had filled the cavity from which the tumor was removed. The fluid is exerting some pressure on Anselm’s brain, and there was talk of a second surgery to suction it out, but after some discussion the doctors decided to raise his steroid dose to help alleviate swelling around the surgery site and monitor the situation carefully. If all goes well, the excess fluid will gradually dissipate as the swelling subsides. It is now Saturday evening and so far, so good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anselm would love to hear from friends as he continues his recovery from this operation. Warmth and communication mean so much at times like this. Long phone conversations pose no problem -- his conversational skills are unimpaired! So call to have a chat and a catch-up.

9:21 AM

Blogger jwg said...

Hello Anony,

I just saw this note. Good to hear the progress. And yes, a phone call should be in the cards. Could you back channel the phone number? My e-mail is at the top of this blog.



1:19 PM


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